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5 Top Places To Meet Hot Gay Men

The dating world is already hard enough as it is, especially if you're in the search for the hottest men in town but don't know where to start looking. Don't lose hope because there are many places you can find the hottest bachelor's in town but need to be willing to approach and impress when given the opportunity.


There are many gay dating apps out right now that increase your chances of meeting a hottie by a million. The nice thing about finding a hottie online is you have the opportunity to limit your ideal candidate through all of the swiping and messages being exchanged. You have many more options when trying to meet hot gay men if you take this route because it's a given that they're single and ready to mingle if they made a profile for themselves. Things can get a little tricky with online dating, but it's definitely worth a shot because some of the most attractive people have a hard time being approached because they're intimidating.


Go to the closest and hippest gay club you can and guarantee it will be filled with fun, outgoing hotties that are willing to give you a chance. This is a perfect place to have a little fun if you're looking for a hookup because chances are the men there are too. With a little liquid courage and a sexy outfit on, the men dancing up a storm and having a blast are usually available, hot and ready for whatever the night brings upon them so give this one a chance.


Depending on if you're giving each other the “I'm interested” look this place is a great one to find someone that is physically fit and attractive at a place that you both like going to. Having something in common, such as working out, is a great conversation started and let's be honest, who doesn't look hot when breaking into a sweat? The most attractive people care about their appearance, so you best believe they are up at the gym working on their fitness to try and impress other attractive and built people.

4.LGBQ Events:

There's not a perfect place to find other gay and attractive men than to go to an event that supports equality and love. So many gay men take part in these events to meet other people supporting the same cause. Another way to find someone as equally interested in something as yourself and with the amount of nakedness that goes along with such events and parades I'm sure you'll be drooling over some of the fittest and eligible men in your area.

5. Gay Bars:

This one is probably the most classic of places to find hot bachelor's but don't write it off even if it seems to be the most basic. Bars are a go-to place to let off some steam and get all spiffed up and dress to impress. Make sure you're occasionally hitting up your local gay bars, especially the brand opening of new ones so you can scope out all the hotties before they're taken.

Learn more on where to meet gay men from the video below!