FWB Meaning: Friends with Benefits

FWB means Friends with Benefits, where friends have sex without romantic commitment. This way they can enjoy physical intimacy and companionship without the strings that come with romantic relationships. In this article we’ll explore what FWB stands for, the characteristics, types and pitfalls.

Bottom Line

  • FWB means Friends with Benefits, where friends have casual sex without romantic commitment.
  • Boundaries and open communication are key to a healthy and uncomplicated FWB relationship.
  • Friends with benefits relationships offer flexibility and can fulfill physical needs but often lead to one sided romantic feelings.

What does “FWB” mean?

“FWB” means Friends with Benefits. It’s a term thrown around in digital communication and social media but what does it really mean? At its core a friends with benefits relationship is friends who sometimes have sex without being committed to each other. It’s physically intimate but not committed, meaning no romantic strings attached.

In other words friends with benefits can enjoy each other’s company because of an existing friendship and get the added bonus of casual sex. It’s a way to fulfill physical and emotional needs without the expectations that come with a traditional romantic relationship.

Characteristics of Friends with Benefits Relationships

Not romantic and sexual friends with benefits relationships can be short term, a one night stand or can evolve into something more. Both men and women enjoy this arrangement, often getting a mix of casual sex and companionship without the commitment. One of the biggest draws is the “no strings attached” aspect where both can have physical intimacy without the expectation of a romantic relationship.

These relationships don’t come with commitments or expectations of progression. Physical intimacy in friends with benefits relationships means not just sex but other forms of closeness like kissing and cuddling. These relationships often start with a foundation of friendship where the people involved share common interests and enjoy each other’s company.

Activities in a friends with benefits situation:

  • Watching movies
  • Cooking together
  • Going out for drinks or dinner
  • Going for walks or hikes
  • Sleepovers

Many of these are non exclusive meaning the partners can date other people. The flexibility and freedom is what makes them appealing to many.

How to Pronounce “FWB”

The pronunciation of “FWB” is simple, just spell out each letter individually as ‘F-W-B’. Phonetically it’s ‘ef-doubleyoo-bee’.

Some prefer the abbreviation, in casual conversations it’s easier to just say “friends with benefits” or even “fuck buddy” instead.

Why Do People Choose Friends with Benefits?

There are many reasons why people choose friends with benefits relationships. Some of the main draws are:

  • No commitment and emotional investment
  • Fulfilling intimacy needs without the complications of a traditional relationship
  • Physical connection and enjoying each other’s company without the expectation of a romantic relationship

For some it’s about being attracted to a friend but not seeing a long term committed relationship working out. Another benefit is the network opportunity; friends with benefits relationships can give access to each other’s social circles, another layer of appeal to the arrangement. Interestingly 50% of people in their 20s have reported having had a friends with benefits arrangement, it’s popular among the younger generation.

If you find your fuckbuddy on instafuck, friends with benefits relationships give you the benefits of a sexual relationship while still having the freedom to explore other connections. This flexibility is especially appealing to those who are not ready for or interested in a committed romantic relationship.

Types of Friends with Benefits Relationships

There are many types of friends with benefits relationships, each with its own dynamics. One common type is the “best friends” FWB relationship where you have both a physical and platonic connection. In this scenario the people involved are close friends who also have sex, often making the relationship more complicated but also more rewarding.

Another type is the “sex-only” FWB relationship where it’s just about the physical aspect without emotional involvement. This is purely about casual sex and doesn’t include the deeper connections that comes with friendship. It’s just about fulfilling physical needs without any extra complications.

Lastly there are “network opportunity” FWB relationships where the benefits goes beyond the physical. These relationships often involve accessing each other’s social circles, another layer of social and professional …

Why Having a Man Purse is Okay

It’s 2017, woman should not be holding your wallet for you in her purse. Get your own! The hangover said it first, dubbing the ‘satchel’ and we can all learn from that moment. It is time to ‘murse’ shop. Luckily we have a guide so you know you are getting the best murse around, and letting you know why it is nothing but awesome to have your own man purse, and it can even help you find a local hookup.

Don’t match your girlfriend

First, make sure that your murse doesn’t match or resemble your wife or girlfriends. Seriously this is the number, if not only rule of murses. If you have a matching purse with your girlfriend people will automatically assume that you are her gay best friend. Not that it matters that people think you are homosexual (#support baby) but this could lead to other heterosexual males hitting on your girlfriend, which also couldn’t be a bad thing if you guys are swingers.

Either way, know that matching murses could lead to confusion upon outsiders.

Chains are out

Remember in the 90s when a chain so your wallet wouldn’t get stolen. That is tacky and inefficient today. You need to ditch this look and put a nail in the coffin for this one. No one likes to see an ugly visible chain hanging out of your pants.

You need more things than a wallet these days. People should understand that you carry more than credit cards. It is manly to carry credit cards, but we all know that you want to lug around your everyday items. Think about all the possibilities you have when carrying a murse. You can bring deodorant, snacks, your ipad if you get a larger purse. You will basically become Superman once you own a man purse.

No more gym bag

The purse is also great for everyday activities that you would otherwise have to run home prior to doing. No more gym bag! A purse will make sure that you put your gym shoes aside and carry all your other gym items. It can also double as a lunch bag which will save you money and time.

I know I already said this but it’s important, it is 2017! We are a generation who is redefining gender roles left and right, even breaking them. Let’s keep the ball rolling with man purses!

You are a modern man

You are a modern man and your outfit should be the persona of it. Rock your man purse and don’t let anyone tell you that it tears down your masculinity. According to study done by reserection.com, as long as you feel manly, you will appear so as well. It will honestly turn into a chick magnet when women see that you are proud to wear your heart (purse) on your sleeve!

Overall, we should not be afraid of the man purse. We should be embracing it. They are the way of the future and who knows, we may even be putting “regular” woman purses to shame.

Learn more about the man purse from the video below!

Top 5 Computer Bags for Men

It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel!!! Is going to be your new favorite line after checking out these men computer bags. They are ideal for people who are writers, journalists or just like to lug their laptop around.

These bags will have you toting your computer along to the most unlikely places. We found the best bags from affordable to fancy and to boho to modern man.


Coming in at numero uno is this very affordable computer case made by Vaschy. This one does not look like it a laptop case nor does it look like a louis vuitton briefcase. The reason this one actually got to number 1 though, is how affordable it is. It is only 33 dollars on amazon which is the cheapest one we found for cute it is.


This one is also available on Amazon for the affordable price of 35 dollars. This one is actually the best seller on amazon because it is big. It includes a briefcase handle as well as two pockets on the front for phones and snacks and what not. It is simple and lite and will be an easy transition for the man who doesn’t often carry around computer bags.

Jack & Chris Satchels

Jack & Chris is a vegan, non-gmo and family friendly satchel making company. They include a leather cleaning cleanser when you buy their products which is somewhat hypocritical because they claim they are all vegan but whatever right. At least your pleather will stay looking freaking fly as hell. These range from 35 dollars to 64 dollars which is more expensive than our previous picks but whatever tickles your fancy.

Louis Vuitton

Vuitton is known for their woman’s clothing line but there is nothing feminine about their computer bags. Just kidding they look feminine as hell. You can almost smell the milf wearing a juicy sweat suit with a pomeranian in the other hand when you purchase this product. But they look nice and gender roles don’t actually exist anymore because it’s 2017. So you do you boo. They are definitely on the pricey side, which is a good thing if you want people to know that you make money and can afford this swanky, luxury item.


We are basically just throwing this one in for giggles. This lovely suede bag is ideal for the maninistas out there looking to show off a particularly fancy tote. The reason the Gucci messenger is comical is because it cashes in at 2,000 dollars. So if you are a journalist, you probably don’t have the funds to get this one. Either way it does look nice.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you are shopping for your next bag. Remember the perks of these bags are to keep your computer nice and clean without holding a huge briefcase. Embrace the modern man that you are!

Learn more about the best lap top cases from the video below!